DJ BOB / Owner

Bob Hawley - I have been DJing for over 30 years; I was the DJ at the Skate Factory, a roller skating rink, the day it opened for 10 years located just outside of Hudson, NY.  I’ve owned and operated Electric Blue DJ Service since 1997.  Electric Blue DJ Service has been providing music for weddings, parties, school dances, corporate events and many other events and venues with professional and very affordable services.  With thousands of satisfied customers, Electric Blue DJ Service knows how to read the crowd and provide all types of music for all ages.

I got into DJing years ago because I love music and I mean all music; Rock, Classical, Jazz, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop; you name it, I enjoy it all.   Remember 45’s and LP’s?  I used to buy tons, shortly I had a massive collection and thought more than just myself should enjoy this music as I love seeing how people react to music it’s almost electric and so began a journey to where I am now. 

I started playing music for family and friends at parties with Technics turntables and my home stereo equipment for nothing.  Although I say “nothing” meaning no pay, what I did get, was a priceless amount of experience.  I have paved my way finding out what does and doesn’t work to keep people entertained, dancing and having a great time. 

Now I have expanded, I still buy a ton of music in CD format and very rarely from the internet, I like the album art and something tangible that shows I actually own the music.  I also subscribe to professional DJ music services only available to DJ’s and radio stations and get my music just as fast as the radio stations do. I usually own the music before it’s popular.  I am now teaching other DJ’s my passion and skills for the love of music and how to make a great event ELECTRIC.  Hope you get a chance to PLUG US IN…!!!